About us

Wolfe’s Neck Farm is a place for all of us: kids and adults can learn about agriculture, camp, hike, bike and kayak, visit the animals, explore the natural world, volunteer, participate in education and community events, and enjoy the Maine coast. We are open to the public, free of charge, from dawn to dusk every day (though donations are gladly accepted).

The Farm is the legacy of Lawrence M.C. and Eleanor Houston Smith.  The Smiths came to Maine in the 1940’s from Philadelphia. This 626-acre saltwater farm was the perfect place for the Smiths to begin their natural farming operation.  They believed in the useful preservation and protection of open spaces, and after farming the land for many years, they gave it to their community. 
We have a clear and exciting mission:

To continue and improve Wolfe’s Neck Farm’s long tradition of sustainable agriculture, recreation and education while preserving its open space.

And an even more exciting challenge:

Wolfe’s Neck Farm will be a leading demonstration farm and educational resource center for innovative and sustainable practices in agriculture and natural resources.

Explore our website to learn more about upcoming events and programs at the Farm. 
Also visit our Learning Resources page to find resources about sustainable agriculture, backyard farming and gardening, the natural world, and more!

GreengeeksWolfe’s Neck Farm is dedicated to protecting the land and the environment with eco-friendly practices. Our website hosting company is 300% wind-powered.