Agriculture is at the heart of Wolfe’s Neck Farm.  We strive to demonstrate, practice, and educate our community about sustainable agriculture.  We know that sustainable, local food is the key to healthy communities, healthy people, and a healthy environment. This an exciting time for sustainable agriculture.  Farmers are building on the strong traditions of the past and finding new ways to feed our world.

We know that you care about where your food comes from and how the animals are raised.  Our farming practices benefit the whole community from you and your family, to the animals, environment, and community as a whole!

Whether you are most concerned about local food, humanely raised animals, environmental conservation, farmland preservation, or the health benefits of pasture raised food, Wolfe’s Neck Farm is farming for you.  We treat our animals with the respect they deserve, so our practices are humane from start to finish. Pastures provide healthy food for animals, and we pasture-raise ours in a rotational grazing system.  They enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and freedom for natural behavior.  This means a healthy life for the animals and healthy food for you.

Wolfe’s Neck Farm bases all of its programs on sustainable agriculture.  We host a Summer Day Campschool field trips, and family activities.  All of these visitors learn from our animals, whether they are campers mucking out a stall, families hiking past the fields, or farmers learning about pasture health.

Our farming practices realize the Smith family’s vision to conserve this valuable ecosystem.  Pasture-based farming maintains open farming land, improves the soil, conserves water, and supports a strong local food movement.

We invite you to visit Wolfe’s Neck Farm to see sustainable agriculture in practice. While visiting you may see our sheep and cattle turning grass into food, our pigs sustainably tilling fields, or our chickens and turkeys fertilizing pastures as they grow. Sustainability is at work as the animals mow, till, and fertilize the grass for us!  You can also eat food from the Farm, including pasture-raised chicken, lamb, beef and turkey. We also invite you to visit our Demonstration Barnyard and Gardens, where kids and adults alike can learn about (and enjoy) life on the Farm. Our demonstration barn is the year round home to our goats, chickens, rabbits, and ducks. Seasonally there are also pigs, sheep, and cows in the barn, and there are always signs to tell you about the animals you are looking at! If you are ready to get dirty learning and doing on the Farm, you can grow food in our community gardens.

We hope to see you soon!