We invite you to “dig deeper” into some of the key issues in food and farming today, and learn how Wolfe’s Neck Farm is playing an important part in finding solutions.

Admission is free.  

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June 27th: Farming and the Fight Against Climate Change
Led by Dorn Cox, Wolfe’s Neck Farm Research Coordinator and Founder of FarmOS

Come learn about the Regenerative Farm Observatory and Network at Wolfe’s Neck Farm, where soil health research is shared with and used by farmers, scientists and the general public in an effort to find ways agriculture can mitigate the effects of climate change.

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July 18th: Why We Need More Farmers and How They Can Change the World
Led by Sarah Littlefield, Wolfe’s Neck Farm Organic Dairy Program Director

Learn how farmers are contributing to the health of our economy and environment, and meet some of our organic dairy apprentices who will be part of the next generation of farmers.

August 1st: Wolfe’s Neck Farm’s Growing Role in the New England Food System
Led by Tim Griffin, Wolfe’s Neck Farm Board Member and the Director of the Agriculture, Food and Environment Program at the Friedman School at Tufts University

Come learn about the opportunities and threats facing our regional food system and how Wolfe’s Neck Farm is helping to make it more sustainable.

September 19th: Ecological Eating
Led by Piper Dumont, Wolfe’s Neck Farm Education Director

Join us for a peek into the development and consequences of the industrial food system and the imperative for change. Learn why Wolfe’s Neck Farm is working to educate consumers about the impact of their food choices.