Farm School

Spark students’ interests in agriculture and ecology with investigations centered around our livestock, in our gardens, along our shoreline, and among the trees of our forests. Each Farm School is a unique opportunity to engage academic content through hands-on experiences at Wolfe’s Neck Farm. Our 626-acre outdoor classroom spans our working farm, pastures, forests, educational gardens, and miles of rocky shoreline.

Select the focus that will frame your students’ investigations throughout Farm School:

Agricultural Sciences   Examine the integration of biology, physical science, economics, and social sciences that coalesce in the study of agriculture.

Food Systems   Investigate the multidisciplinary intersections that shape our contemporary food systems.

Local Ecology   Explore the interconnected communities and relationships within the diverse ecosystems across our farm.

Our programs change with the season and what is happening on the farm. Lambing, sowing seeds, and spring’s reawakening frame explorations from April – June. Fall programs are built around the harvest and bringing the growing season to an end from September – November.

PreK – 6
1-5 days (can be consecutive or spread out over time)
$19.50 per student per day. School staff are complimentary.

While most of our programs are for youth up to age 12, please contact us to discuss your group’s educational goals and if we have the programming to meet them.

To schedule your Farm School, please contact us by emailing or by calling (207) 865-4469 x106. Please be ready to provide:

  • Contact information for school and trip organizer
  • Dates and times you are interested in visiting
  • Age group and any curricular priorities
  • Anticipated number of students, staff, and classrooms
  • The area of study you’re interested in

Illuminate concepts you’re teaching

Engage diverse learning styles

Inspire your students’ curiosity