Meet our Farming Partners!

Farming the land is one of our biggest priorities.  Wolfe’s Neck Farm is proud to collaborate with two area farms to reach this goal.  These Farming Partners raise their cattle on our pastures, bring in hay, and help care for the land.  In case you haven’t met them yet, they are:

Pete and Rob Dusoe, Green Bounty Farm
Pete has been farming for 41 years, 22 years with dairy cattle and 16 years with beef.  While he says he doesn’t have formal training as a farmer, his knowledge seems to be endless.  He knows the animals and the land need, and he cares deeply about both.

Pete and his son Rob have a feeder calf operation at Wolfe’s Neck Farm and at their farm in Albion.  The cattle are Angus-Hereford and Angus-Simmental mixes, raised for meat.  They raise adult females that are breeding stock, and they raise the calves to 900 pounds.

They sell the calves to Cold Spring Ranch  in North New Portland, Maine, which finishes raising the cattle and sells beef wholesale to stores like Whole Foods and restaurants like Back Bay Grill as well as directly from their farm.  You can purchase their meat at

The cows are completely grass fed, and incredibly well cared for.  Green Bounty Farm just earned a “4” on a “Good Animal Practices” Audit.  This is an assessment of how well the farmers care for the animals, land, and soil.  This is a tough test that looks at everything from record keeping to slaughtering practices, and the audit ranks farms from 1 to 5.  A “4” is about the best a farmer can realistically achieve.  Pete and Rob achieved a 4; great job, Pete and Rob!

Ron Howard, Aldermere Farm
Aldermere Farm, a landmark of midcoast Maine, is one of the world’s premier breeders of Belted Galloway cattle.
The 136-acre farm is owned and managed by Maine Coast Heritage Trust, a statewide land conservation organization dedicated to protecting the scenic beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, ecological diversity, and working landscapes of the Maine coast.  The Trust maintains Aldermere as a working farm and educational center, helping visitors deepen their appreciation for land conservation and sustainable agriculture.

Heidi Howard Baker is the Herd Manager of Aldermere Farm, and she directly oversees the cattle that are at Wolfe’s Neck Farm.  Aldermere had fifteen cattle here in 2013, and they have also provided six heifers to Wolfe’s Neck Farm so that we can be able to start our own herd of Belted Galloway Cattle. They are excited to continue our partnership.

Contact Aldermere Farm at 207-236-2739 or for more information about cattle, agricultural programs, or to purchase beef.