Wolfe’s Neck Farm 2015 Highlights

At the back of the barn there is a whiteboard that reads “These are our cows. We are their farmers.”  This is one of the many signs of the amazing transformation taking place at the farm.  Everywhere you look, you see sustainable agriculture in practice, with new opportunities to learn and engage.
Let’s take a little “walk,” and see what 2015 brought to Wolfe’s Neck Farm:

Wandering through the barn…

This summer, the first trainees joined our Organic Dairy Farmer Training program.  They’ll live on the farm for two years, learning while caring for our growing herd of Holsteins and Jerseys.  We are now shipping milk to Stonyfield each week, and will welcome more trainees this spring.

Strolling through the gardens…

Thousands of kids learned about the source of their food through exploring the gardens, tasting fresh veggies, and sampling fruits from our new strawberry and raspberry plants. More land was cultivated by our Teen Ag crew, and planning has begun for a new orchard. After harvest, the fields were sown with cover crops, helping to protect the land for future generations through thoughtful stewardship.

Gazing over the pastures…

In 2015 we built a new pasture viewing area where visitors can get a closer look at our animals. From there you may notice a new herd of Katahdin Sheep, a “hair” breed developed in Maine in the 1950s to provide excellent meat while eliminating the need for shearing.

Exploring the shoreline…


Thousands of visitors had the opportunity to explore the tide pools and salt marshes of Casco Bay along our miles of coastline. Groups of summer campers took part in programming at the State Park, learning where another kind of local food comes from – clams!

Hiking through the woods…

With improved signage and trail map, there are new ways to explore the farm’s miles of wooded trails. From the Farm Loop Trail you can see two honeybee hives, which will help us educate our community about supporting pollinator populations that are crucial to a thriving food system.

Staying in our campground…


This year, our guests connected with sustainable agriculture more than ever through weekend programs, while our brand-new group site provided an ideal spot for organized groups to camp in a beautiful private setting.

Living in our community…

Supporting a stronger, more just food system is at the core of our mission.  This means we’re working to make sure that everyone has access to healthy local food, including the growing population of food-insecure Mainers. This year the Teen Ag program donated fresh produce to local food pantries, and offered reduced-price CSA shares to SNAP recipients.  This November, our supporters sponsored twelve turkeys for FCS’s Free Community Thanksgiving Dinner.

Let’s keep walking together….

In 2015 Wolfe’s Neck Farm educated, inspired, delighted and connected thousands of people to farming. With your donation today, you can help to ensure that the growth we saw in 2015 will continue, leading to an exciting future for the farm. Let’s keep walking together… Donate today!donate-today-button