Pasture-Raised Chicken, Lamb, and Beef

Spring Schedule: If you would like to purchase any cuts of meat or poultry, please visit our farmstand! It is now open Monday-Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am-3pm.

Wolfe’s Neck Farm offers local, all-natural meat available for pick-up in Freeport, Maine. Our livestock are free-range, raised humanely on lush oceanfront pasture free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. We supplement their diet with grain containing no added hormones or antibiotics.

Our chickens are sold frozen and whole – the small birds are 3 lbs. while the larger range from 7-8 lbs. Our lamb and beef are sold frozen in our farmstand as individual cuts. All of our products are priced as marked.

In the late fall, we often sell our lamb as half and whole animals at $7.00/lb.  Halves are typically 20-30lbs (hanging weight), and cost approximately $175 total.  Whole lambs typically weigh 40 – 60lbs, and cost approximately $350 total. Whole and half lambs will likely be available for pick-up in December 2017. After that time, there will be plenty of individual cuts of meat in our farm stand freezer as well.

“The lamb is lucious and it’s wonderful to have to go no further than the freezer to pick it up for dinner!” – Peter from Steep Falls, Maine