Group Programs

Do you represent a group or school that would like to schedule a program with us? If so, then read on!

Bring academic content to life through hands-on activities across our 626-acre working farm. Spark students’ interest in agriculture and ecology while exploring our barnyard, gardens, shoreline, and forest. Our programs are based in life on the farm, so they change with the season.


Livestock Life Cycles & Livelihoods  
Our livestock are an important part of the farm’s ecology. Come learn about their unique adaptations and the role they play in your life.

How Does Your Garden Grow?  Dig in to the amazing world of horticulture and learn about taking care of plants’ needs for a vibrant garden.

Crops to Tabletops  You’ll follow one product from field to fork to learn about the journey food takes to get to our tables.

Maine’s Rocky Shore (spring only; best suited for 60 students and under)  Investigate the organisms adapted to the ever-changing conditions along our rocky coast.

Pumpkin Science (fall only)  Explore plant parts, germination, pollination, and aspects of pumpkin biology. Take a hayride to the Pumpkin Patch where each student gets a pumpkin to bring home.

Program Length:
1.5-2 hours

  • Livestock, Life Cycles, & Livelihoods, How Does Your Garden Grow?, Crops to Tabletops, and Maine’s Rocky Shore: $7 /child
  • Pumpkin Science: $8/child (each child gets a pumpkin)
  • School staff are free. $3/chaperones (due the day of the trip).
    Note: Small groups are welcome. However, in order to cover our costs, there is a minimum $100 fee.

Age/Grades: Currently, our programs are geared toward PreK-6th grade. However, we work with other age groups and may be able to build a program for your group. Get in touch if you’re looking for middle school, high school, or college programming.

Eating Here
Bring a picnic lunch or snack for before or after your program. Please let us know if you plan to eat here, so we can make sure there’s space.


Select the focus that will frame your programming:

Agricultural Sciences  Bring together biology, physical science, economics, and social sciences by investigating agriculture.

Food Systems  Investigate the various systems that come together to get food from the farm to you.

Local Ecology  Explore the communities and connections within the diverse ecosystems across our farm.

PreK – 8
Length: Full days (can be consecutive or spread out over time)
$19.50 per student per day. School staff and chaperones are free.

Looking for Something a Little Different?
Contact us if you have a group who is outside our typical age group, and we’ll discuss if we can meet your group’s needs and goals.


Fill out our Group Programs Application to schedule your program. You may also email us at or call (207) 865-4469 x106. We’ll need the following information to schedule your program:

  • Contact information for group and trip organizer
  • Dates and times you’re interested in visiting
  • Age group
  • Number of students, staff, and classrooms
  • Educational/curricular goals
  • Field Trip Program or Farm School Area of Focus
  • Are you planning to eat here?

Illuminate concepts you’re teaching

Engage diverse learning styles

Inspire your students’ curiosity