Wolfe’s Neck Farm is a demonstration farm that engages people with the natural world, farming, and community.  These are the people who work here day in, day out, helping us preserve the past and cultivate the future.

staff-dave-herringDave Herring, Executive Director  – I grew up in Michigan and have lived in New England for most of my adult life. Having worked for the Appalachian Mountain Club, L.L. Bean and, most recently, as founding Executive Director for Maine Huts & Trails, I have developed a deep passion for working with staff, boards and key stakeholders to help organizations operate effectively and strategically in pursuit of their mission. I am so proud of the work we’re doing at Wolfe’s Neck Farm and am honored to serve as Executive Director. We are in the midst of a major transformation at WNF in support of a stronger, more sustainable and just food system in Maine and New England.  Next time you’re at the Farm (hopefully soon!), please stop by to introduce yourself, tell me why the Farm is important to you and then let’s talk about ways you can help increase our impact.

Susan Connolly, Finance & Administration Manager – Having grown up in a large family that valued time in the outdoors and fostered a deep respect for the natural world, I have spent most of my adult life in New England  – from Cape Cod to Downeast Maine. My career in the non-profit sector has evolved and reflects a strong focus and commitment in supporting financial health and sustainable organizational development. I was fortunate to spend the last 20 years associated with a great group of people dedicated to conserving the coast and islands of Maine. I am honored to bring my experience to Wolfe’s Neck Farm at a time where exciting transformation is taking place. The Farm’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and building healthy food systems through programming in organic farming and education, along with providing coastal recreation and other community activities all contribute to making this a fun and challenging opportunity to be a part of the team here at Wolfe’s Neck Farm.

staff-matt-degrandpreMatthew DeGrandpre, Farming Operations Manager – I was raised here on Wolfe’s Neck. I traveled and worked all across the country for the Fire Fighter Combat Challenge for three years. I started as a general laborer for the farm and campground, moved to mechanic, and worked my way to becoming the Farming Operations Manager. The farm has always been a big part of my family. A fond memory of mine is being washed in the farm’s kitchen sink as a baby. I am happy to be moving forward with the staff at Wolfe’s Neck Farm to improve our farming operations and the experience for all of our visitors.

staff-myra 2Myra Dileo, Office Manager – I lived in California for thirty years and programmed computers for twenty years.  I had been coming to Maine to visit family since I was a child, and I knew I wanted to raise my children here.  We moved to Maine in  1987, and right away I knew that the Farm was a special place.  I couldn’t believe that this land would be preserved forever.  I continued to program computers remotely until 2004, when I started working for the Farm.  I love that I can be a part of maintaining this land.

Piper DumontPiper Dumont, Director of Education – As an educator and agrarian, I seek to cultivate connections with the land and the people living on it. Equipped with a B.A. in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic and an enduring sense of wonder, my passions eventually led me to Columbia University’s Teachers College to earn a master’s in International Educational Development with a focus in Peace Education. While in the New York City, I connected with urban agriculture and have been working on food systems education. I am now finishing a doctorate at Teachers College using food studies to explore food and identity. I am thrilled to return to Maine to continue learning from local educational and agricultural innovators and to be a part of Wolfe Neck Farm’s inspiring work and exciting growth.


Ben Jensen, Livestock Manager  – I spent my childhood on my family’s beef cattle and hay farm in the intermountain valleys of beautiful western Montana, driving our older tractors and spending time with the cows and draft horses.  While earning my B.S. in Animal Science Livestock Management at Montana State University I met my wife Carolyn.  Following an internship for a Hereford breeder, I took a position with Feddes Red Angus (one of the best in the country) where I learned how to breed cattle that look and perform “above and beyond.”  Once our gorgeous, amazing twin baby girls, Caitlin Mabel and Charlie Anne were born, our lives changed forever!  Wanting to be closer to family, we found a great house in Freeport in January and moved to Maine.  I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the WNF team and look forward to implementing new and/or improved livestock operations so the farm can offer a full line of pasture-raised protein.  I love (very nearly) all kinds of music and to play my guitar and sing…now mostly to my little girls!

websiteKari Jenkins, Youth and Family Programs Manager – I grew up smack-dab in the middle of the United States in central Kansas. After spending my childhood and early twenties in Kansas, I joined AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), in Sacramento, CA. I went on to I graduate from Naropa University in Boulder, CO earning my B.A. in Environmental Studies, with a minor in Visual Arts and focused on youth development and sustainable food systems.  After many travels and several states later I decided to call Maine home! In my relocation to Maine I found at job here at Wolfe Neck Farm as a Summer Camp Counselor. My position has continued to evolve, and I now serve as the Youth and Family Programs Manager. I am excited to be a part of the farm and the growing education programs!

Robin- staff photoRobin Kerber, Events Coordinator and Cafe Manager – I was born in Freeport and grew up in a bed and breakfast run by my family, before we moved to the ocean just down the road from the farm! After graduating from The Culinary Institute of America, and Drexel University, I joined the flocks of beaten down city dwellers and folks from afar and migrated back to Maine in search of one thing: a forgotten life where simplicity and kind, hard working people have created a community with little room for contemporary distractions. Before starting to work with the events, I worked with the dairy program and fell in love with cows! I am grateful that my job at the farm combines my love for cooking, organizing events that highlight the abundant resources of the farm, and I still get to hang out with calves on my lunch break!

staff-corrieCorie Learned, Recompence Office and Snack Shack Supervisor  – I have been living and working in Maine for 17 years, and I’ve been organizing campers’ visits to Recompence for five years.  What do I like best about working at the Farm?  What’s not to like!? I have beautiful views, good people, and it’s a different adventure every day.

saraSarah Littlefield, Dairy Director – Unlike most dairy farmers, I was not raised on a farm but knew from a young age that I loved cows. Growing up in southern Maine, my parents encouraged my enthusiasm by enrolling me in 4-H where I was able to learn and build lifelong friendships in the Maine agricultural community. I graduated from Vermont Technical College with a degree in Dairy Science and have been fortunate to spend my career caring for some of the most elite cows in the country alongside some of the best people in the industry. The opportunity to help educate new farmers is exciting. I have a great deal of respect for those who have been patient and taught me along the way, and I hope that the farmers leaving the Wolfe’s Neck Farm dairy apprenticeship program will become the successful future of farming.

staff-jeannie-mattsonJeannie Mattson, Development Director – I grew up on an island in Maine digging in clam flats, climbing rocks and exploring the coastal woods around my house so Wolfe’s Neck Farm feels a lot like home to me. I was educated in Maine for the most part, leaving briefly for graduate school and happily returning to live and work in our beautiful state. Most of my professional life has centered around politics and public policy where I focused on issues of conservation, environmental health and early childcare and education. Connecting people to agriculture and Maine’s coastal environment through festivals, farm to table dinners and celebrations at the farm is a wonderful way to highlight this amazing resource. My family and I are fortunate to be neighbors of the farm and live in this incredible area, and I am so happy to be part of the Wolfe’s Neck Farm team.

IMG_3691Richard Hodges, Teen Ag Coordinator – Growing up in Durham, Maine I had the opportunity to work on organic farms and spend most of my free time outdoors.  I believe that connecting people to the planet and healthy food is one of the most important endeavors at this point in time.  This is why I am so happy to support the work we do here at the farm, and also the reason why I started a project that has partnered with Wolfe’s Neck Farm called ReTreeUS, a program that establishes educational orchards in schools and with other non-profits.  After receiving a BA at UVM, I worked for 4 years at an outdoor school in California as the Garden Coordinator.  I returned to Maine to plant educational orchards and to be involved with the sustainable food movement here. Working with young adults to grow healthy produce for food pantries and for farm supporters is a truly inspirational and fulfilling endeavor.  Come visit us up in the field and meet the aspiring food system leaders of the future.

Allison Bio PhotoAllison Carrier, Communications & Development Assistant – I attribute my love of the outdoors to a childhood full of family travels and camping trips. From early memories of playing in my grandparents’ Iowa cornfield, to overlooking the jaw-dropping view of the Grand Canyon, my appreciation for nature brought me to further develop my interests into an Environmental Studies degree at the University of Vermont. It was here that I had the opportunity to work closely with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, and learn how tight knit the sustainable food systems community is in New England. I am thrilled to be a part of the Wolfe’s Neck Farm family, where I can witness memories being made each day in such a beautiful and inspiring place.

staff-jen-rowlandJen Rowland, Education and Administrative Coordinator – Having grown up playing outside in and exploring western Connecticut, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the natural world, agriculture, and open space. From my studies at the University of New Hampshire and Antioch University New England as well as from working with environmental nonprofits and farms since then, I’ve realized that my passion lies in fostering community vitality and resilience by connecting adults and children with the natural world and the food that sustains us. Although I’ve traveled to, lived in, and admired various places around the country, my love for New England runs deep, and I’m thrilled to be back in Maine working for such an invigorating, community-based organization in a beautiful, inspiring setting. 

staff_jackie_stearnsJackie Stearns, Marketing and Communications Manager – Having spent much of my life in Oregon, I developed a passion and appreciation for open space, the natural environment, and eco-friendly practices. My experience includes working with nonprofits, farms, education centers and small businesses to improve workflow, communication and marketing through the use of technology.  Recompence and WNF have held a special place in my heart since my first visit fifteen years ago. In fact, it was here that my husband proposed marriage!  As an avid lifelong camper, I am thrilled to be part of an organization incorporating spectacular camping, eco-focused education and sustainable agriculture in such a breathtaking setting.