Summer Camp Micro-Seasons

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Each season (summer, fall, winter, and spring) is made up of many micro-seasons. Farm Camp’s micro-seasons explore the constant changes happening around the farm and also highlight different parts of agriculture and our food system. Each week of camp has new activities and adventures that explore these different themes. Check them out!

Summer Has Arrived! June 19th – 23rd (Week 1)
Get a taste of all we have to do around the farm now that summer has arrived, and connect with our newest residents in the barn: lambs, calves, and kids.

Dig In! June 26th-30th (Week 2)
Healthy soil supports healthy crops and healthy people. Get the dirt on soil!

Short week BIG fun! July 5th-7th (Week 3)
Come explore snapshots of our working farm, the hard work we do, and the fun we create!

Forest to Farm! July 10th-14th (Week 4)
From our forest to the farm, this place is special! Come see what makes our farm and forest so magical.

Tides of Change! July 17th-21st (Week 5)
See what’s happening in our tide pools and explore foods that come from the ocean.

Fruits of Your Labor! July 24th-28th (Week 6)
Learn when crops are ripe and how to harvest them!

Crops to Tabletops! July 31st-August 4th (Week 7)
Food’s journey from the field to your fork is fascinating. Get a taste of what’s happening in our gardens, pastures, greenhouses, shoreline, and barn.

Wonderful World of Water! Aug. 7th-11th (Week 8)
Come see how our farm interacts with a working waterfront. Understand the benefits, challenges, and “what-ifs!”

Barnyard Ecology & You! Aug. 14th-18th (Week 9)
The barn is a unique ecosystem and livestock have many interesting features to learn about. Delve into the special relationship between humans and farm animals.

Summer’s Last Harvest! Aug. 21st-25th (Week 10)
The final week of camp celebrates the season and what makes Farm Camp so special!