Comments from our Summer Day Camp Families

“Year after year, Wolfe’s Neck brings children into a special world that includes Chicken Time; Poop Walks; crazy songs and skits from Snack Time Theatre. A magical childhood experience!” – Nina from Chestertown, Maryland

“I feel very fortunate to have this camp available to us. We’ve been coming for three years, and it’s been a really positive experience every time.” – Monya from Brunswick, Maine

“There is nothing more satisfying then when your child comes home from camp and he is excited to recount the day and tell you what he has learned. It was everything we could have hoped for in a camp for our child: engaged with nature, working with animals, cooperative games, building self esteem…” – Amanda from Yarmouth, Maine

“He was apprehensive about starting the program, but after the 1st day he was happy to have this rare opportunity to interact with the animals, land and other kids.” – Christina from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“My daughter has been talking about it non-stop – which is a sign to me that it was a positive experience that she enjoyed. We asked her if she wanted to go again next year and she yelled “YES!”. :)” – Olivier from Harvard, Massachusetts

“We received a scholarship to attend my child’s first ever “camp” experience. From the setting, to the staff, his counselor, the gardens, oceanside exploring, and hiking – he had the time of his life. I cannot express enough gratitude for offering this opportunity for my child, thank you!” – Lara from Freeport, Maine

“I’ve been sending my 2 granddaughters for 6 years. They love it. Both girls had experiences that they talked about and that made them feel special.” – Jeannie from Beverly, Massachusetts

“Leah loved camp! She wants to come back. She loved learning about the animals, and wanted more time with them. She loved the arts and the theater component. The staff was top notch, and camping on-site made this experience even better!” – Laurie from Sabattus, Maine

“They seemed to have a great time, and really enjoyed their experience. They kept coming out with little things they’d learned – about tidal pools, composting, gardening, etc. On the last day, they gave us an enthusiastic ‘tour’ of the garden and the barn.” – Jane from Boston, Massachusetts

“She was so sad the week was over she almost cried. She learned so much at camp this year and especially enjoyed the overnight. She was nervous the day of, but loved the experience and can’t wait to go back next year.” – Kimberly from Bowdoinham, Maine

“Both of my girls had a great time! They loved doing farm chores, especially around the animals. Having a choice for an activity regarless of what group you are in was great for them. They loved having the ability to choose. The crafts and fort making and hikes were huge hit with them. It was also great to hear them explain the things they learned about the animals or gardens or outdoor surroundings.” – Kathy from Cumberland Foreside, Maine

“She had a wonderful time. She was always talking about the animals and the garden and how much she was learning. She can’t wait to go again.” – Cary from Virginia Beach, Virginia

“Nick would come every week of the summer if we lived closer. Of all the different camps he has gone to Farm Camp is hands-down the favorite. The combination of traditional camp activities with environmental education (and all that entails) leaves him having fun and becoming a more interested and aware young person. I love that he came home absolutely filthy each & every day!” – Mayre from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

“Both boys came home talking about their daily experience, excited about new things they learned and/or got to DO. (‘Hey – did you know that when you brush your teeth you eat seaweed?’ ‘ I got to step in a muddy marsh and eat some of the grass today — it tasted like salt.’ ‘I ate orange flowers.’ ‘I stood in the chicken coop.’) ” – Nora from Brunswick, Maine

“Excellent – the farm provides a magical educational environment i.e., we were thrilled to have our child bring home a beet green. The tangible link to a food item she could feel, touch, and taste made the experience.” – Camper Dad from Harpswell, Maine

“She really enjoyed it and talked about it readily. Told us she rode on the tractor wagon, all about the animals, walking the shore and making some crafts. She seemed to be really happy and was happy waking up to go in the AM, that is usually a tell-all if it’s not a struggle but a joy to get her there and depart without drama.” – Leanne from South Freeport, Maine

“My daughter had an absolutely wonderful experience at the camp. It far exceeded my expectations. My daughter begged me to send her back for more weeks!!” – Denise from Lisbon Falls, Maine

“I believe your camp is an excellent opportunity for city kids (everyone for that matter) to be introduced to their environment and how to care for animals.” – Warren from Herndon, Virginia

“My son looked forward to doing chores as well as the theater performance. He had a great week!” – Jennifer from Brunswick, Maine

“Isla had a great time, again! Even though she was there for multiple weeks, she was never bored, and was constantly learning and doing new things about the natural world.” – Fiona from Freeport, Maine

“My child learned about a lot of farm machinery. She also learned about a lot of plants that she did not know were edible. She also learned how to canoe – now she loves it!” – Sophia from Lewiston, Maine

“He came home happy and tired and excited to go back every day. That is a great thing!” – Amy from Brunswick, Maine

“My son looks forward to spending a week in Maine going to Wolfe’s Neck Farm Camp with his cousins. He always leaves with more environmental education than the year before and comes home with more mud on him than the year before, which he LOVES!!” – Sandi from Vienna, Virginia